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Asset-Agnostic Orderbook

A program used with generic assets, intended to be called upon by other programs that implement specific on-chain orderbooks

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Bonfida Utils

A collection of utilities containing a suite of safety check functions used to build smart contracts and auto-generate instructions

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Serum DEX V4

Orderbook-based on-chain SPL token swap market used to build a DEX specialized in SPL tokens

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Token Vesting Program

The first token vesting contract for Solana. One of the most popular contracts used to systematically unlock tokens & help secure the ecosystem

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Domain Name Tokenizer

Use this bridge to tokenize domain names into NFTs according to Metaplex standards, using a creation/redemption mechanism

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Agnostic Candles

Build and serve Trading view candles for any market using the Asset-Agnostic Orderbook

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